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Notre Dame Basilica Montreal

This past couple of months were quite busy for me. Aside from the work involved in running my business, I have attended a few major events.

First of all, on May 14, I went to the National March for Life in Ottawa. According to Campaign Life Coalition the official number of people that attended the march this year was as high as 25,000, which is a record high for Canada (of course the one in Washington, D.C. easily reaches the hundreds of thousands, but their total population is also 10 times bigger, so it’s understandable.) Below are some of the photos I took during the march:

One of my photos even won the CLC #WhyWeMarched social media contest:

I also went to the YTOL May retreat in Northern Ontario on the weekend following the March for Life. It was a spiritually replenishing time for me!

After I got back home, I had relatives visiting and so I showed them around my city. Below you can see photos I took of some great places to visit in Montreal:

I know it’s not Christmas time, but the Oratory museum had some great nativity scenes that I just couldn’t help but take pictures of!

This past weekend I went to a mini-retreat about the Holy Scriptures in Sutton, Quebec.

And finally, this Wednesday was the feast of Saint John the Baptist which also happens to be the patron saint of the province of Quebec. This is why it’s the national holiday of Quebec. Even though it rained a little bit, it didn’t ruin the celebrations:

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